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Guitar Teaching

The following guitar lesson styles are offered:

  • Electric guitar lessons
  • Classical guitar lessons
  • Acoustic guitar lessons
  • Flamenco guitar lessons

We also offer bass guitar lessons, ukulele, as well as music theory, music technology and improvisation. Lessons are available for all ages and abilities (beginners to advanced).

Lyras Music SChool - Marshall

The guitar lessons are personal (one to one) and the registration is free of charge.

A variety of music styles are taught such as: classical music, metal, thrash, rock, acoustic, hard rock, funk, jazz, flamenco, etc. The guitar lessons are custom-made around the personal goals, style, character and aspirations of the student.

It is important that students will get what they want from the lessons regardless of whether they: take exams, want to improve their technique, work on music, play their favorite songs, play in a band or just want to have fun learning a musical instrument.

There is a very large collection of music material available, guitar books, scores, songs by famous bands/artists and the best methods for learning the guitar.

Guitar Exams in Nicosia – Cyprus

The students, if they wish, can be prepared for any English international exams such as:

  • Rockschool – RSL for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass and ukulele exams
  • Trinity College London for classical guitar exams
  • ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, London) for classical guitar exams
  • RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors UK – University of West London)

The exams assist the students in developing musically and learning a correct guitar teaching method. Furthermore, if the students wish they may participate in student concerts organized by our music school.

Lyras Music School

What you will need for the lessons

All you need is to bring your own electric, classical, flamenco or acoustic guitar. You do not need to bring extra equipment – we supply music stands, footrests, guitar amps, cables and everything that is needed for a proper guitar lesson. For the first lesson we can provide a guitar.

What kind of guitar to buy

The guitar to buy depends on the music style and the student’s personal taste. Assistance is provided, if desired, for the best selection of a guitar (classical, electric, flamenco, acoustic or bass etc).

Contact Information

For more information and for the tuition fees please contact Constantinos:

Tel: 96 603325